3 Secrets from APC to protect you of power failures

How to keep your key equipment running even during frequent brownouts and power outages, and conserve battery power for when you need it most.

The high demand for electricity caused numerous cuts across the country, but especially in the Capital and its suburbs, so from Shandd, as Schneider Electric APC Premier channel in infrastructure and energy solutions we unveiled these tips for you:

– When you install a new UPS, before putting it to work with the load, leave about 12 hours connected to the battery to charge the maximum.
It is recommended not to connect to a UPS items such as laser printers, copiers and other items that may have high and variable consumption.

– In the case of having to decide between installing a large UPS for multiple devices or multiple UPS to recommend putting several UPS, because increasing the segmentation increase the fail-safe, apart from not having to modify the electrical system with new lines.

– If the UPS needs to be involved in crashes or we have to replace the battery, we recommend a service technician.

We highlight these product lines in the corporate sphere extensively tested and robust solutions,

Back-UPS ® RS

It is the ideal choice to protect key file servers (Intel or UNIX based), minicomputers, network hubs and switches, outlets, operations domestic banks and retail shops or ATMs.
This support of high performance batteries for maximum protection for desktops includes a flexible design. The Back-UPS RS series of full APC can be located in the floor under a monitor or on a shelf. Six outlets for battery backup with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) (stabilizer) let work even during the most frequent brownouts and downs, because they retain 90/110 minutes of battery power for when you need it most. Two additional outlets provide surge protection for printers and other devices that do not store or process information. Both the overvoltage protection of the data line telephone and Ethernet 10/100BaseT provide surge protection for incoming connections network. PowerChute Personal Edition software provides a secure closure system easy to use with sophisticated power management.

Smart-UPS ® RT

APC is a family of UPS functional high-density voice and data networks, medical labs and light industrial applications. Smart-UPS RT, including the topology of double conversion online, protect your data by providing a reliable supply and quality for networks. Can incorporated battery packs unlimited uniform design address the demanding needs of autonomy of the key systems that operate without interruption. Models with designs optimized for rack mounting are the ideal choice for space constrained environments. With a maximum capacity of 10kVA in a format suitable for 6U rack, users can accommodate blade servers, which are experiencing very high consumption or heavily loaded equipment racks. The Customers who require extreme precision in the regulation of voltage and frequency, internal bypass, and power factor correction at the entrance, you will find it in the Smart-UPS RT.

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