ArtfulBits announced that it has joined forces with us in LA

Expanding the regional network of authorized reselleres in Latin America for the leading Ukrainian software company

As official reseller we proudly started to enable our Latin America customers with the powerful ArtfulBits portfolio.

ArtfulBits provides a wide range of IT services with a strong background in developing software solutions in different segments of business.

It has also gained a tremendous success as a product maker. ArtfulBits expertise covers the following technologies: Mobile (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile), Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft .Net Framework, DotNetNuke, AJAX, ASP.NET

– SharePoint Web Parts and Components for business analytics, data visualization, document management, security management and communication.

– Mobile components for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile

Custom controls and components’ libraries

ArtfulBits has a significant expertise in Windows Forms/Web controls and components development. It includes design, development and maintenance of visual controls as well as component libraries. Acquired experience gives us solid knowledge of platform’s core and understanding of its internals.
ASP.NET sites and web services

Since Web is essential part of today’s applications, ArtfulBits helps its clients to gain from web-oriented client interfaces and service-based distributed applications.
Cross-platform solutions

Providing solutions for Mobile Devices and other environments using Java and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is also one of the services the company offers for its clients.