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Visa needed to organize its entire workforce and optimize data from its HR systems. Using OrgPlus HumanConcepts solution made the difference.

The team had previously used a commercial diagramming program (CDP) to manually create and manage org charts, which produced several challenges:

– Twice a year the HR team was expected to provide corporate headquarters with an up-to-date org chart. With only a CDP, the process was slow and complex.
– HR lacked the tools to create professional looking charts to show the entire workforce.
– Several employees from the HR Department spent full days to complete the chart, wasting time, money and resources.
– Reductions, hires or moved positions had to be manually entered into the corporate database systems and then drawn with the CDP .

To meet Visa headquarters’ strict deadlines and facilitate efficiencies, Visa needed a solution to not only create organizational charts easily, but also to help with organizational change management and provide valuable metrics and analytics.

The Solution
In an effort to reduce the time and cost associated with updating company organizational charts, the HR department set out to find a more effective charting solution. Shandd helped Visa HR team to selected the right version of OrgPlus after a thorough evaluation of criteria including ease of use, corporate ERP compatibility and cost.

Business Results
The key business results include:

– HR professionals can now quickly access accurate workforce information within OrgPlus that is automatically refreshed from the corporate ERP database.
– Visa can now visualize the entire workforce and corresponding metrics, such as headcount and span of control, in a centralized location.
– HR can generate accurate and professional looking org charts within minutes, meeting the requests for org charts from Visa executives with less time and effort – saving several people days per year.
– Direct, automatic and secure data import occurs automatically through the ERP HR Organizational Charting without the purchase of additional software or plug-ins, giving Visa HR access to always up-to-date data.
– Conditional formatting provides insight into the organization, which is useful when identifying full-time, part-time or contracted employees.

“With OrgPlus, we now have access to up-to-date organizational charts in seconds. Automatic data refresh is scheduled every month, so we can quickly respond and prepare for monthly org chart submissions to Visa. We are able to provide a real headcount number at any point in time, without manually counting employee records.” HR Team and Administration


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