Helping Citibank Panama with SSH

Shandd helped the Panama divison of the leading financial services company with millions of customers in more than 100 countries in the process to replace an open-source solution with Tectia to secure remote system administration and file transfer operations

Bearish on Open Source Security

For one of the world’s leading financial services firms, securing complex global computing environment is no small task, including tens of thousands of users in over 100 countries.

The need to securely manage and administer security systems, policies, servers, and users across such a complex infrastructure would tax the majority of today’s enterprise security solutions. To ensure business continuity, the company also needed to comply with governmental and other security requirements as efficiently as possible.

Initially the company tried an open-source solution, OpenSSH, but found that the scope and breadth of its security requirements quickly exceeded the capabilities of that technology. Management of its diverse and numerous installations became cost-prohibitive. Other key
challenges included enforcing and monitoring configuration policies and software updates throughout the enterprise environment. In addition, because OpenSSH only supports Unix platforms, the company was unable to extend security services to its large numbers of
Windows servers and workstations–.

Profiting from SSH Tectia

After comprehensive analysis and evaluation, the company chose the Tectia Secure Solutions to secure remote access and protect file transfers across the globe, replacing the existing OpenSSH environment with Tectia without any modifications to the existing infrastructure or applications. Tectia provided the easiest and fastest migration path from OpenSSH.

Unlike OpenSSH, Tectia allowed the company to deploy a single, robust security solution across all of its computing platforms, including Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Mainframes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Microsoft Windows, ensuring that all critical company information was protected from end to end. Tectia eliminated unsecured legacy applications such as FTP and Telnet, providing secure (file transfer and remote access. In addition, the standards-based Tectia solution integrated with existing corporate services allowing the company to easily meet its authentication policy requirements.

Tectia also provided 24×7 technical support and custom engineering to meet the unique needs of such a large worldwide enterprise security deployment. OpenSSH offered no management functionality or satisfactory technical support, and the company was spending per update or patch to maintain their existing OpenSSH environment. The cost and operational inefficiency of maintaining an open-source environment was prohibitive. Tectia provided a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), improved operational efficiency and significant cost savings to the company with a high return on investment.