How to Protect Sensitive PDF Documents

Foxit PDF Security Suite delivers cost effective PDF policy protection to any business running Microsoft® SharePoint® or Exchange® with Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS).

Foxit PDF Security Suite Protects Company’s Confidential PDF Documents

A major semiconductor company is using Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS) to apply and manage rights for Microsoft Office® documents.

They were looking to extend that solution to incorporate PDF documents using the same right management implementation. They were also looking to provide further protect their confidential PDF documents against the risk of users copying confidential information through the use of screen shots, cameras/phones, and video capture.

Lastly, they also required a security log that detailed which users accessed protected documents, when they accessed the documents, and what operations were performed.
After working with Foxit PDF security consultants, a solution was designed with consists of:

PDF Secure RMS Protector for SharePoint.

Dynamic security watermarks, which automatically displays viewer identity information on protected PDF files. Identify information includes employee name, email, employee ID, and date. Therefore, if photographs of the protected documents are found, the watermark information will provide the identity of the person responsible.

Deployed Foxit PhantomPDF on the desktops of all PDF authors to create, modify, and rights protect/encrypt PDF documents.

Deployed Foxit Reader on all consumers of PDF documents, which would properly decrypt PDF documents and enforce right management based on the Active Directory credentials of the user.
Advantages of the Foxit PDF Security Suite solution:

Easy integration into their existing IRM (Microsoft AD RMS) that they were already using for Microsoft Office products

Doesn’t require a new solution to be deployed and managed

Takes advantage of the security templates already in place

Requires no additional training to IT administrators

Transparent to end users – they continue to use the same solution they have already learned

Is extremely cost effective
Contact us today and a security consultant will review your PDF rights management needs and provide a complete solution for your PDF documents.