Shandd to sell SSH Security Solutions in Argentina

SSH Communications Security, the market maker in information real-time security solutions, appointed us to sell its information security solutions in Argentina.

Shandd Argentina provides IT services and solutions to a wide range of companies, many of which are among the largest and most influential companies in the region and worldwide. Some of its customers include Roche S.A. e I, Biersdorf S.A, Citibank, The Walt Disney Company ARG S.A, Proctor & Gamble, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson and GE.

The agreement authorizes Shandd to distribute SSH Communications Security solutions for secure data-in-transit, governance and regulatory compliance as part of its professional technology offering. Shandd Argentina provides added value to corporations with a focus on advisory, consultancy, supply and implementation services for computer science solutions.

“We believe that a number of our customers will benefit greatly from SSH security solutions,” said Shandd Argentina “It is of utmost importance that new solutions and services help us improve the specialized services we offer our customers. We are confident that our partnership with SSH Communications Security will help us provide added value for our customers,” emphasized.

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“We are excited to have Shandd as a SSH Communications Security Solutions Partner,” said Matthew McKenna, Tectia’s Senior VP for Global Sales and Channel Development. “Shandd has a long and solid track record of providing relevant business solutions to the leading companies in the region. We are pleased that they see SSH Communications Security solutions as an enhancement to their range of solutions and services,” he added.

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About SSH Communications Security: Inventors of the SSH protocol, has been developing and supporting commercial SSH security products for over 15 years. With thousands of customers, including many of the world’s largest enterprises, SSH Communications Security is a proven and trusted partner.

We enable and enhance business for thousands of customers in multiple industries in the private and public sectors around the world. We operate in the Americas, Europe, and APAC regions, with headquarters located in Helsinki, Finland. The company was established in 1995, and holds 14 patents. Its shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.

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