We integrate with Foxit in Argentina as Channel Partners

Now, more than ever, delivering to the region the value-added solutions based on Foxit’s professional PDF software.

Foxit Corporation is a leading provider of solutions for reading, editing, creating, organizing, and securing PDF documents. Over 130 million users have chosen Foxit products as their PDF solution. Winner of numerous awards, Foxit has sold to over 90,000 customers worldwide, located in over 150 countries on 6 continents.

With this strategic partnership we are proud to provide the tools, resources, and expertise in order to help our customers implementing Foxit products.

Increase your company’s profitability with Foxit, the value-add solutions available include:

Foxit Enterprise Reader– a re-packaged version of the Foxit Reader designed to meet the deployment and management needs of enterprises and government organizations.

Foxit PhantomPDF Express – provides high end features to enable quick creation of professional looking PDF documents quickly and easily.

Foxit PhantomPDF Standard – enables quick and easy creation of professional looking PDF documents, highlighting and annotation capabilities, and functionality to edit text, manipulate PDF pages, and secure sensitive information in PDF documents.

Foxit PhantomPDF Business – the premier Business Ready PDF solution with advanced editing and security features, providing a robust PDF solution that stands up to the demands of large enterprises and is lightweight enough to easily deploy to thousands of users without exhausting IT resources.

Foxit PDF IFilter – super-fast indexing allows users to index a large amount of PDF documents and then quickly find text within these documents.

Foxit PDF Security Suite – delivers cost effective PDF policy protection to any business running Microsoft® SharePoint® or Exchange® with Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS).

In addition, Foxit provides 24×7 phone and email support for its products, supporting you when it is needed.

Contact us and let’s guide you too through a successful Foxit solutions implementation.

Altula adds Shandd as OrgPlus Partner for Argentina

Award-winning OrgPlus is the most widely used Organizational Charting and Planning software on the market today – in use by over 50,000 organizations worldwide
including 400 of the Fortune 500.

Shandd Argentina, IT consultant renowned in the corporate segment, announced that it has joined forces with Altula, the exclusive international distributor of Insperity OrgPlus leading provider of HR solutions and decision support to make available in Argentina all OrgPlus® product line for business and enterprise market.

Businesses uses OrgPlus® every day to better understand their workforce and manage change, using information-rich org charts, easy-to-configure workforce metrics, and advanced collaborative modeling tools. Named as Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive® magazine, OrgPlus integrates seamlessly with Oracle, SAP, and other leading HCM and HR systems.

Check this case to know more about it.

Altula LLC is based in California with offices in the United Kingdom, offers OrgPlus software and services worldwide outside US..



How to Protect Sensitive PDF Documents

Foxit PDF Security Suite delivers cost effective PDF policy protection to any business running Microsoft® SharePoint® or Exchange® with Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS).

Foxit PDF Security Suite Protects Company’s Confidential PDF Documents

A major semiconductor company is using Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Services (AD RMS) to apply and manage rights for Microsoft Office® documents.

They were looking to extend that solution to incorporate PDF documents using the same right management implementation. They were also looking to provide further protect their confidential PDF documents against the risk of users copying confidential information through the use of screen shots, cameras/phones, and video capture.

Lastly, they also required a security log that detailed which users accessed protected documents, when they accessed the documents, and what operations were performed.
After working with Foxit PDF security consultants, a solution was designed with consists of:

PDF Secure RMS Protector for SharePoint.

Dynamic security watermarks, which automatically displays viewer identity information on protected PDF files. Identify information includes employee name, email, employee ID, and date. Therefore, if photographs of the protected documents are found, the watermark information will provide the identity of the person responsible.

Deployed Foxit PhantomPDF on the desktops of all PDF authors to create, modify, and rights protect/encrypt PDF documents.

Deployed Foxit Reader on all consumers of PDF documents, which would properly decrypt PDF documents and enforce right management based on the Active Directory credentials of the user.
Advantages of the Foxit PDF Security Suite solution:

Easy integration into their existing IRM (Microsoft AD RMS) that they were already using for Microsoft Office products

Doesn’t require a new solution to be deployed and managed

Takes advantage of the security templates already in place

Requires no additional training to IT administrators

Transparent to end users – they continue to use the same solution they have already learned

Is extremely cost effective
Contact us today and a security consultant will review your PDF rights management needs and provide a complete solution for your PDF documents.

How we uncovered Chile’s most powerful tool with Altova?

We assisted a leading financial regulatory entity in Chile providing analytical and decision support tools. using Altova XMLSpy’s schema design component and API to build an advanced SOAP interface

The Challenge

Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros de Chile, needed a sophisticated tool for designing the XML Schemas that would define the data types for their Web service, as well as a mechanism for creating the WSDL documents that would describe the interface as a whole.

The Solution: XMLSpy®

XML Schema is used to express the structure of the data, as well as the individual elements and attributes that it is comprised of. Because a large portion of the data relies on end-user input in the form of address, phone number, driver’s license number, etc., it is vital that this information is in a format that can be digested by the system. Using XMLSpy’s graphical XML Schema editor, the development team was able to easily visualize and maintain the structure of their XML Schema.

XMLSpy’s unique graphical XML Schema editor allowed the development team to create and maintain a complex schema definition without writing any code manually. They were also able to automatically generate human-readable documentation that can be used to present the architecture for review at any time in the development process, and that describes each element and attribute in detail.

XMLSpy enabled the team to quickly and easily create a graphical schema representation and the matching documentation to serve as the basis for the Web service. It also allowed the development team to focus on their Java code, rather than the intricacies of XML Schema and WSDL design.

Find out how Altova can help you solve your XML and Web services application development challenges. Ask us for a free 30-day trial today!
The Solution Gameplan:

The complementary features of XMLSpy® and MapForce® combine in the Altova® MissionKit® to flatten hurdles and accelerate progress at every step of Web services development.

Analyze the data and create an XML Schema
XMLSpy® 2012, the industry standard XML development environment, can automatically derive an XML Schema from a database content model or an XML instance document. You simply point XMLSpy at your data source and it automatically builds an XML schema to embed within your Web service.

Optimize the XML Schema for a Web service
The XMLSpy Schema Editor displays your schema in a clear graphical hierarchy so you can easily and quickly identify the relationships and understand the structure of the data source.

Optimizing your schema may be as trivial as making the service’s key element global or as significant as protecting confidential data. Either way XMLSpy makes it easy.

For instance, in the latter case, your product database could include your company’s cost for each SKU while you only want to reveal product descriptions and retail pricing.

Using XMLSpy you can simply trim confidential elements so they won’t be included in the Web service, or copy and paste only relevant parts to create a new schema optimized for the Web service.

Embed the schema and graphically define the WSDL file Altova XMLSpy contains a WSDL editor that allows you to create, visualize, graphically edit, and validate any WSDL file.

Using the XMLSpy File/New menu selection you create a template for a new WSDL. Next, simply paste in your optimized schema in text view, then switch to graphical WSDL view to define operations, port types, bindings and services. Working in graphical view lets you avoid syntax errors that often occur in manual coding.

Map data sources and generate the Web service implementation code, when your WSDL design is complete, MapForce® , the premier data integration and Web services implementation tool, offers a visual drag-and-drop mapping utility to connect the WSDL operations to their respective data sources. Then, once you’ve defined the mappings (and tested them using SOAP request documents created by XMLSpy)

MapForce generates source code for your Web service in either Java or C#. In either programming language, MapForce creates a complete, ready to compile project.

Test the deployed Web service
Whether your Web service runs on an Apache or Microsoft Web server, you can use XMLSpy as a client to generate a SOAP request for it. You can edit the request parameters, send it to the server, then capture and examine the Web service reply. If you need to examine communications between a your own client application and the Web service, the XMLSpy SOAP debugger lets you step through Web services transactions between a client and server, set breakpoints, and inspect every request and response.

XMLSpy and MapForce even provide tools to help you document your Web services project. MapForce lets you print mapping diagrams for the record, and XMLSpy creates extensive documentation of XML Schema and WSDL files in either HTML or Microsoft Word format.

Download a free 30-day evaluation of the Altova® MissionKit® today!.

Helping Citibank Panama with SSH

Shandd helped the Panama divison of the leading financial services company with millions of customers in more than 100 countries in the process to replace an open-source solution with Tectia to secure remote system administration and file transfer operations

Bearish on Open Source Security

For one of the world’s leading financial services firms, securing complex global computing environment is no small task, including tens of thousands of users in over 100 countries.

The need to securely manage and administer security systems, policies, servers, and users across such a complex infrastructure would tax the majority of today’s enterprise security solutions. To ensure business continuity, the company also needed to comply with governmental and other security requirements as efficiently as possible.

Initially the company tried an open-source solution, OpenSSH, but found that the scope and breadth of its security requirements quickly exceeded the capabilities of that technology. Management of its diverse and numerous installations became cost-prohibitive. Other key
challenges included enforcing and monitoring configuration policies and software updates throughout the enterprise environment. In addition, because OpenSSH only supports Unix platforms, the company was unable to extend security services to its large numbers of
Windows servers and workstations–.

Profiting from SSH Tectia

After comprehensive analysis and evaluation, the company chose the Tectia Secure Solutions to secure remote access and protect file transfers across the globe, replacing the existing OpenSSH environment with Tectia without any modifications to the existing infrastructure or applications. Tectia provided the easiest and fastest migration path from OpenSSH.

Unlike OpenSSH, Tectia allowed the company to deploy a single, robust security solution across all of its computing platforms, including Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and Mainframes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Microsoft Windows, ensuring that all critical company information was protected from end to end. Tectia eliminated unsecured legacy applications such as FTP and Telnet, providing secure (file transfer and remote access. In addition, the standards-based Tectia solution integrated with existing corporate services allowing the company to easily meet its authentication policy requirements.

Tectia also provided 24×7 technical support and custom engineering to meet the unique needs of such a large worldwide enterprise security deployment. OpenSSH offered no management functionality or satisfactory technical support, and the company was spending per update or patch to maintain their existing OpenSSH environment. The cost and operational inefficiency of maintaining an open-source environment was prohibitive. Tectia provided a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), improved operational efficiency and significant cost savings to the company with a high return on investment.

Entering Guinness Records with Babylon

At the time that Babylon, the world leading provider of dictionary and translation solutions, are celebrating the enter to the Guinness World Records.

We are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement with Babylon LTD, to distribute their corporative translation solutions in Latin America, including the award winning

Babylon Corporate Edition
the translation product for enterprise environments. It is specifically designed for customers requiring deployment across tens, hundreds, and even thousands of desktops.

Babylon.com Awarded a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® certificate for the Most downloads of a translation software with over 100 million users coinciding with entering the list of the 100 Most Popular Websites Worldwide.

“When back in 1997, Babylon launched its dictionary software, we couldn’t have imagined that over 100 million people in over 200 countries and territories would be using its software” said Alon Carmeli, Babylon’s CEO.

Also from Shandd noted that “It is a pleasure to have the confidence and support of a company with the history of Babylon to join as partners for their commercial representation in the region.”


With FileMaker we update Latin America

We expanded as authorized resellers in Latin America and now our customers are able to…

achieve all the benefits of the updated FileMaker Go, the best-sellingenterprise database for iPhone and iPad

Use FileMaker Go to access your FileMaker Pro databases on your iPhone and iPad when you are on the road and access to the digital capture of signatures, the ability to view and edit graphics created with FileMaker Pro 11 and support AirPrint.

We continue consolidating our commitment across all the product line,
With FileMaker Pro share and manage information easily through a local network or on the Web. Or use FileMaker Pro Advanced for more customization and development.

Add FileMaker Server
to FileMaker Pro and manage their databases securely and more reliably. Or use FileMaker Server Advanced for more sharing options.

New FileMaker Starter Kits Go to start work quickly and easily

Download three FREE FileMaker Solutions Go for iPhone and iPad available with a free trial of FileMaker Pro 11 for 30-day.

Initial FileMaker Solutions Go are designed to start from scratch and learn to manage contacts, documents and assets. In addition, the screens are optimized for iPhone and iPad Touch and support the movement.

We achieved Premier Partner certification level for APC

Now as Premier APC channel we have reached maximum effectiveness as consultant specializing in large corporations.

For over 5 years we offered APC solutions, the most recognized brand when it comes to think safe energy solutions.

In this new step, we are firmly committed to provide at a higher level to our customers with tools, products and services required for the successful development of its infrastructure projects.

This certification supports the knowledge and the experience of Shandd Argentina providing products and services of Schneider APC.



OrgPlus adds Shandd as exclusive partner

Over fifty thousand businesses worldwide—including 400 of the Fortune 500—use OrgPlus®

Shandd Argentina SRL, IT consultant renowned in the corporate segment, announced today that it has joined forces with Altula LLC, the leading provider of HR solutions and decision support to to make available all OrgPlus® product line for the regional enterprise market.

Businesses uses OrgPlus® every day to better understand their workforce and manage change, using information-rich org charts, easy-to-configure workforce metrics, and advanced collaborative modeling tools. Named as Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive® magazine, OrgPlus integrates seamlessly with Oracle, SAP, and other leading HCM and HR systems.

Check this case to know more about it.

Why YPF chose Matlab

YPF chose Matlab for statistical control of their data.
Solution: Matlab
YPF Project Manager: Gabriel Horowitz
Provider: Shandd Argentina Srl


YPF chose Matlab as an indispensable tool for statistical control of their data and software that provides easy access to information and methods of analysis.

The manufacturer The MathWorks has become the leading global provider of software for technical computing and Model-Based Design. Through Shandd YPF obtained the solution I needed for the analysis of their data.

Fix details

Matlab is an interactive program for numerical computation and data processing.

It contains many tools and utilities that allow multiple functionalities as well as the graphical presentation in 2 and 3 dimensions.

Whatever the scope of work, an algorithm, analysis, chart, report, or a software simulation – the technical computing with MATLAB lets you work more effectively and efficiently. With more than 600 mathematical, statistical and technical, MATLAB provides immediate access to high-performance numerical computing. This functionality is extended with interactive graphics features for creating plots, images, surfaces and volumetric representations.

Shandd and effective solutions

As business technology consulting, Shandd is known for providing advice, personal attention and effective response. Thus, it performs the search and direct distribution of products that are not in the country, as in the case of Mathworks.

He says they used the Matlab software solution to develop a tool for statistical process control connection to Excel.

Company Information.

The MathWorks is the world leader in the development of technical computing software. With over 1400 employees, The MathWorks was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts. The company has been growing in employment and income every year since its creation.